Why Peru?

Peru is a magical country, full of surprises and landscapes that sometimes seem from another planet. It´s a warm and fertile land, fertilized by the smiles and warmth of its people. At Ultra Amazonas we are in love with our country, for that reason, we bring you five reasons that will explain ... Why Peru?


Peru is a country full of flora and fauna. It can boast of being one of the territories with the greatest diversity of species in the world. Thanks to its large number of different ecosystems, you can visit almost the entire planet in the same country.

Mix and variety of cultures

Each region of Peru has its particularities, culturally, gastronomically and ethnically. To travel within the country is to cross jungle, coast and mountains. Wherever you go, you will unique cultures, traveling in Peru is a delight.


Getting to Peru is like getting home. It is a country accustomed to tourists, who understood the importance of cultural exchange for the growth of the nation. The further you enter the territory, the more warmth you will feel from Peruvians.


There is an infinite variety of sports that you can practice in Peru. From paragliding flights on the coast of Lima to expeditions in infinite jungle, which is lost in the Amazon. Peru is a paradise for lovers of adventure and outdoor sports, it is impossible to get bored with the diversity of activities that you will find in our territory.

The food

Eating in Peru is feeling scents and enjoying flavors, knowing fabulous and exotic products. For Peruvians, the act of eating does not go unnoticed on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, we have been chosen as the best culinary destination in the world, for eight consecutive years.

Would you like to put some images to this that you just read? Do not worry, here you have an incredible video where you can appreciate even more the majesty of our country. Long live Peru!

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